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Donald Trump has activated and emboldened white supremacists in the United States. The various supremacist groups aren’t just pledging support for Trump, they’re issuing press releases, have podcasts — even Facebook pages. As in the 80s they’re recruiting, they’re rallying, and they will grow. Donald Trump and his campaign have created the moist, dark, warm environment needed for this social e-coli to multiply. Even if he’s not elected, the damage is done.

This is an article that should be read, through thru and shared. It’s a serious look at the growing racial tension coming to a hard boil in the US. The rise of Trump as a viable candidate is a curious thing and it seems to be bringing out the worst in people rather than the best. Thoughts once hidden our now mainstream. I’ve been flabbergasted at some of the things I’ve read in the news and on social media. To think that there are children excitedly telling other children that Trump is going to kill all the muslims is shocking; this should never be OK. An environment creating this possibility will be one in which America could never be made great. The juxtaposition of the American dream to the race fueled dreams of minorities in the linked article should be heard and seriously considered. There is a lot that could be done to make America great again; it’s sad that so many are actively heading in an opposite direction.

May 22, 2016 · politics · race · Culture

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