The only difference between a Christian gunman and a Muslim terrorist is racism - Quartz

But most of our media has its own definition of terrorism: A Muslim did it. Once we learned that Dawson wasn’t Muslim, reporters went out of their way to calm the American public. There was still almost no other information about the case, the suspect, or his motivations. Don’t worry,” one outlet after another told us, it’s not terrorism.” But if a Muhammad Dawson had rushed in and opened fire, screaming I am a Prophet of Allah,” what then? Today we’d be discussing a new and even more offensive policy proposed by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Meanwhile Donald Trump would be making the rounds on TV, offering ever more outrageous, unconstitutional, and Geneva-noncompliant policy proposals.

This is an extremely important article. The language we use and the way we use it can either help or further worsen the problems at hand. So often we choose to use words like terrorism in a way that worsens the problem and plays into the hands of terrorists. Islamophobia has no business being a political platform. That’s not going to allow anyone to actually build bridges and work towards peace. Read the article in its entirety; it’s worth it.

March 30, 2016 · politics · islam · terrorism · Faith · Culture

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