Common CPM Misunderstandings

One common missiological method used on the field in church planting work is commonly referred to as church planting movements” or CPM for short. It’s something not widely understood in western and traditional church settings and the language used to introduce it is often unhelpful as it focuses on buzzwords and unrealistic edge cases with what appear to be exaggerated numbers. I’ve talked to many people who are skeptical and even turned off due to the misunderstandings that these blips of vision casting they attend create. Those training and practicing often don’t take the time to clear them up either. I’ve been increasingly disappointed though with what appears to be a lack of communication between different streams of practice and would leave to see them engage each other a bit more specifically. To this end I thought I’d go ahead and write about six of these misconceptions to explain what the reality actually is. I’ve put these misunderstandings in bold below with my thoughts speaking a bit to the reality (as I know it) following. Please comment with any further question or suggestion. Also, if you have any misunderstandings you’d like cleared up let me know and I’ll try and add to this list.

Six Common CPM Misunderstandings


Hopefully this is clarifying for some of you that might be reading. I know I just loosely touch on many of these as that’s more appropriate in the blog setting. If there are any that you’d like to see additional discussion around, leave a comment. Or if you have another potential misunderstanding, leave that as a comment as well. Lets engage about healthy ways to see transformation in the world around us.

January 5, 2016 · movements · Faith

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