Leaving Grape Soda Christianity: A First Look at Brian Zahnd’s Water To Wine

American Christianity, on the other hand, is conditioned to avoid suffering at all cost. But what a cost it is! Grape juice Christianity is what is produced by the purveyors of the motivational-seminar, you-can-have-it-all, success-in-life, pop-psychology Christianity. It’s a children’s drink. It comes with a straw and is served in a little cardboard box. I don’t want to drink that anymore. I don’t want to serve that anymore. I want the vintage wine. The kind of faith marked by mystery, grace, and authenticity. The kind of Christianity that has the capacity to endlessly fascinate is not produced apart from struggle and suffering. It’s the pain of struggle and suffering that confers character and complexity to our faith.

Brian Zahnd has a new book releasing this week that seems autobiographical and looks quite interesting. The linked post has an excerpt from the first chapter - a small bit is quoted here.

January 20, 2016 · Brian Zahnd · Faith · Quotes

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