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Individual strengths do not work in isolation; our other strengths affect how we use them. Strengths Working Together is a series I’m doing on this blog that intentionally explores the relationships that different strengths might have. It’s important to keep in mind though that these are hypothetical relationships that I’ll be exploring and might not apply to you. This series is not designed to replace the one-on-one coaching process.

To look at these relationships, I’ll start by sharing a bit about the individual strengths and then talk about potential ways they would interact. In my series opener, my friend Liam commented with some strength relationships he’d like to see explored so the first few posts will look at the strengths he suggested. The first pair suggested was belief and communication.


Belief is an executing strength. This means that we primarily see it in the way we do things. It affects our actions - the how of life. In non-profit work I’ve found it to be a really common strength because it’s all about values and purpose that drive what we do. It’s not about a specific set of values but how our values drive us; as example person A with belief might have a completely different set of driving values than person B.

Belief commonly has people asking themselves, Is what I’m doing congruent with my purpose in life?” and you commonly see them speaking out passionately about their purpose (or underlying values. Belief needs a cause (hence the reason I find it common in the non-profit world) and is naturally able to sacrifice for it. It naturally is able to provide values to teams especially where they might be absent.


Communication is an influencing strength. This means we primarily see it in how we influence others. Influencing strengths like this allow us to draw people into something that they wouldn’t have necessarily found themselves in. Particularly in the case of communication, it’s able to draw people into a story or a message; communication actually makes people phenomenal storytellers.

Communication commonly has people asking themselves, what pictures can I paint with my words to draw others into what I’m doing? and you often see them talking - a lot; they find lots of life in holding the attention of others. Communication naturally is able to connect people to a message in a way that draws them into it.


Belief and communication are two strengths that should pair really naturally with one another. Belief is all about a message (particularly the values and purpose behind it) and communication is all about being able to influence others for a message. People with these strengths high likely will naturally be able to identify vision and mission statements in a way that quickly draws people into them. It’ll be the passion on the team that keeps the values at the forefront of peoples attention. This is a real strength of this pairing.

It’s worth mentioning that this strength pairing might come across as overbearing or worse because of the passion that these strengths are likely to create. If they are managed well it shouldn’t be a problem though.

If you have either of these strengths in your top 5 - contact a Strengths coach to discover how they might work with you. If you have this particular pairing especially, don’t take this overview post as the final word. Contact someone today.Comment if you have a strengths pairing you’d like me to explore!

January 17, 2016 · StrengthsFinder · Communication · Belief · Culture

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