Lament in Worship

James K.A. Smith recent piece on Ryan Adams’ cover of 1989 is the best piece I’ve read on this cover album. It’s not a review per se but instead discusses how it relates to worship.

I know that probably sounds funny (it’s certainly not a worship album) but what he has to say is really good and accurately places the album (at least in my mind). Long story short:

Despite lyrics that detail deep lament, Taylor Swift’s 1989 is incredibly upbeat, candy-coated, pop fun (basically the positive spin we want to pretend to be in). Adams’ version cuts through this sugary shell and brings you back to the heart break and minor chords that we mostly live in day to day.

Just like worship music should but all to often doesn’t.

As to the album itself: musically Swifts is definitely the better version but I really enjoy Adams take too.

September 30, 2015 · worship · music · Faith · Culture

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