On Fake News & Christians

Don’t Post What You Can’t Confirm

You may say, But what if I can’t tell if the story is fake or not?” I’ve given you several ways to check the veracity of a story, but if that does not work, there is just one solution: don’t post it. If you have not, will not, or cannot confirm a story, do not share it. As Christians, we have a higher standard than even the journalist. We aren’t protecting the reputation of an organization or a website, we bear the name of our King.

If our friends and families cannot trust us with this type of news, many will not listen when we seek to share the good news of the gospel.

I’ve seen so many fake news articles flying around facebook and other social media venues (and occassionally thru email). It’s important that we take the time to source what we are posting. Spreading lies and fake news does nothing but stir people up in unhealthy ways. Read more from Ed Stetzer here.

July 25, 2015 · Culture

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