Encryption & Privacy

Encryption protects our data. It protects our data when it’s sitting on our computers and in data centers, and it protects it when it’s being transmitted around the Internet. It protects our conversations, whether video, voice, or text. It protects our privacy. It protects our anonymity. And sometimes, it protects our lives.

This protection is important for everyone. It’s easy to see how encryption protects journalists, human rights defenders, and political activists in authoritarian countries. But encryption protects the rest of us as well. It protects our data from criminals. It protects it from competitors, neighbors, and family members. It protects it from malicious attackers, and it protects it from accidents.

This is important. If we only use encryption when we’re working with important data, then encryption signals that data’s importance. If only dissidents use encryption in a country, that country’s authorities have an easy way of identifying them. But if everyone uses it all of the time, encryption ceases to be a signal. No one can distinguish simple chatting from deeply private conversation. The government can’t tell the dissidents from the rest of the population. Every time you use encryption, you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive.

Read the rest of what Bruce Schneier says here.

I couldn’t agree more. Encryption is something we all should care about. Privacy is somethiing we should all be cognizant to. There are people the world over whose life depends on it definitely but it should still matter just as much to you if yours doesn’t. There are lots of tools to help facilitate this and lots of things you can be doing. I’ll begin writing soon about some of these tools and some of these ways. For your sake (and the safety of others) please consider it thoughtfully.

June 30, 2015 · encryption · security · privacy · Tech

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