Watch Reruns To Restore Mental Energy

We all have those shows that we can watch over and over again. Far from being a mind-numbing exercise one University of Buffalo study has shown that watching your favorite reruns can actually restore your mental energy.

The theory relates to the idea that self-control and willpower are limited resources that we use up when we work on important projects rather than play Destiny with our friends online.

With enough time, these mental resources will return,” says Jaye Derrick, lead researcher of the UB study. However, there may be ways to more quickly restore them.”

Derrick says that re-watching loved TV shows and movies can restore our mental energy and willpower because we find comfort in our surrogate relationships with our favorite characters.

I’ve done this for years and my wife thinks I’m crazy. Now though? Scientific proof I might be on to something…

From The Most Productive Ways to Waste Time

June 26, 2015 · productivity · TV · Culture

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