A Funny Taco Cabana Story

Here is a funny story for those that like such things. Sunday night after Celebration, Juli had to go into work to cover for the evening shift. But she had time for dinner beforehand so we decided to go with a large group of our friends to Taco Cabana thinking it’d be both cheap and fast.

Boy were we wrong…

Cheap it was but it was anything BUT fast. We got there approximately 10 till 8 and waited in the line for about 10 minutes and finally ordered. I got the taco combo and she got the cabana bowl. We went ahead and ordered to go because it looked like it could be a few minutes and that way if they took a bit longer she’d have hers packaged and ready for her to take to work. And so we started the process of waiting. And waiting. After about 15 minutes, one of the workers came out and said that it could take a few minutes because they were out of tortillas. Great…” I thought as I’d gotten tacos but didn’t really think much more about it then. 5 minutes later another lady comes out with half our order (Juli’s cabana bowl) and gives it to us. 30 seconds later she comes back to say that it wasn’t ours but someone else. Several minutes later she’s still wandering around with it and I tell her that Juli has to get to work so if she can’t find who it belongs to, we’ll take it. 5 minutes later she comes back with it and hands it over. By this time we’ve been waiting for almost a half hour. It’s about 8:30 and Juli has to get to work so she grabs the togo container and heads off. I assume that I’ll be doing the same shortly.


5 to 10 minutes later I hear the manager say, They are frozen solid! Send someone over to Walmart to get tortillas!” This is kind of frustrating to hear because Taco Cabana is known for their homemade tortillas; it’s what sets them apart on the landscape of fast food Mexican food. And further, Walmart tortillas, in general, aren’t that great. But I continue to wait. It’s a bit late to ask for my money back (as some of our friends did) as Juli had already gotten her food. The time passed pretty quickly as I was in a fairly in depth discussion about eschatology with a friend; when I finally got my food, it was about 9pm and about an hour after I had ordered. At a fast food place. Add that time scale to the fact that they used Walmart tortillas and not their own homemade ones and you have the recipe for a frustrating (and not very tasty) experience.

Looking at it now, it’s kind of funny and friends have generally laughed at the telling, but I will say that it makes me not want to go back to Taco Cabana anytime soon.

June 23, 2015

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