My Favorite Media From 2015

It’s that time of the year again when everyone writes their top 10 lists. I’ve done this in the past (mostly when I was consuming more media) and thought I’d do something similar this year. It’s not top 10 lists per se but here is some of the media I’ve enjoyed over the past year. Not all of it came out in 2015 (these days I’m often behind) but none the less I did enjoy it this year.


I’m going to break up this section into two lists: albums that came out in 2015 and albums that didn’t. I don’t listen to as much new music as I used to so I can’t really do The Top 10 That Came Out In 2015” thing. Instead I’ll give you my Top Listens of 2015”.

Albums Released in 2015

Albums Released Prior to 2015


I love movies, as does my wife. Our preferred date is going to see one especially since they are so inexpensive here (that is, if something good is showing - in Kenya that’s not always the case). I’ll forewarn you that I’m a science fiction/fantasy nerd and this list is waited heavily in the direction of what I enjoy. And the deeper, thoughtful indie flicks don’t often make it to our part of the world so don’t get mad at me if its a shallow list. I enjoyed all of these quite a bit, at least. Here’s my take:


I typically read a lot. I’ll mention some of my favorite reads from the past year.

I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed a view into some of the things I’ve enjoyed over 2015. If you have the time let me know what all you enjoyed in 2015 (and what you might be looking forward to in 2016!).

December 31, 2015 · media · Culture · Faith

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